Friday, 4 October 2019

BLR must close its curtain for the rest of the season  
All the basic condition theatre requires is that fire last night & those costumes 
& the human voice & people gathered together.  
Sir Trevor Nunn, Director (Cats, 1981 \ Les Miserables, 1985)

Regrettably BLR must close the curtains on its site for the balance of the current Vancouver theatrical season.

This difficult decision was taken due primarily to the post-retirement launch of a labour relations consultancy a year back. That added atop ongoing personal and family obligations meant simply this : too many things were being attempted, each in a sub-optimal way.

To not have proper time to do the deep-dive analysis of plays that is my preferred style necessitates this caesura dramatis. Should circumstances permit BLR to once more provide readers its long-read review forum, no question we will be in touch anew.

In the meantime do accept my humble and grateful Thanks! for the 100,000 hits on the site's 300 reviews since its kick-off back in 2012. 

Until curtain call, readers, Break a leg! in all you do.